About Me

I am a software developer from Brooklyn, New York. My goal is to design software that is both beautiful and intuitive to use. I am perpetually working on improving my knowledge and creating new applications.


Jaffa Website

  From scratch, I designed and implemented the website for Jaffa Car & Limousine Service. I made the designs using Figma. The website was written in pure HTML5 and CSS3. It is completely responsive and works on any display size.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal is a web-app designed to mimic the popular bullet journal organisational system. The web-app is written in React and features three views that the user can edit. All data is stored locally and there is functionality to load and save data from a json file.

TLC Expiration

TLC Expiration is a Python GUI app designed to find for-hire drivers with expired driver's licenses. It uses openpyxl to load an Excel file with the licenses. It then sends a request to NYC Open Data to find each driver. Every driver that isn't returned properly, is outputed in a list of results.


Quotemark is a Google Chrome Extension, designed to save the user's favorite quotes from the web. To save, the user selects text and then chooses Quotemark from the context menu. The text is highlighted yellow and stored in local storage. The extension's popup menu lists all the saved quotes. When a user selects a quote from the menu, a new tab is opened which bring the quote into focues and highlights it yellow.

Private Clipboard

Private Clipboard is a Google Chrome Extension, designed to save the user's clipboard data locally and temporarily. Any copy action, either through "ctrl+c" or "right-click -> copy" is saved into local storage. The user can view the clipboard through the extension's popup to easily re-copy the text or delete it from storage. When the browser is closed, all the data is deleted.